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Aracuba Academy

The Aracuba Academy is a microlearning app and knowledge hub in the field of SDGs. 

The educational content is prepared in brain-friendly portions to increase both learning success and the joy of learning.The Aracuba Academy enables traditional educational institutions and companies and NGOs to become knowledge providers of the 21st century.The Aracuba Academy combines the knowledge and experience of the world's leading experts and practitioners in the field of SDGs.

Here are some of the ways the Aracuba Academy benefits knowledge providers:

  • Showcase internal expertise and network with international leaders in the field of SDGs
  • Reach previously unknown potential customers and cooperations partners, due to the diverse global offering
  • Free access to an app which is based on the most up-to-date research.
  • The option to create an exclusive zone for internal training of employees, customers, or students.
  • Sustainability education made easy. Regardless of the topic of your training - your employees or customers benefit from freely accessible courses by worldwide renowned sustainability experts.
  • With the Aracuba Academy voucher system, new business models can be developed, and even the procurement of public and private funding is possible.

The Aracuba Academy also offers numerous advantages to learners worldwide:

  • An unrivalled overview of the knowledge gathered by the world's leading experts in the field of SDGs.
  • Free courses on all 17 SDGs in multiple languages.
  • Interact and play with learners from around the globe while gaining knowledge.
  • The opportunity to take exclusive courses tailored to your own needs, from your employer, your university, or another educational institution, in addition to the universally available courses.
  • Easily fund exclusive courses via the Aracuba Academy voucher system, e.g. through vocational training support.
  • Learners can make contact not only with fellow students, but also with global leaders in sustainability - providing a unique advantage when applying for their next position.